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Thanks for stopping by my website.

I’m a theologian and ethicist fascinated by the complexities of our globalised, multicultural and multi-religious world. I am particularly interested in the question on which common foundations we as humans can draw on to shape our global society on a global and local level. In this context, the concept of human dignity might come to mind, but what does it actually mean when we leave the dominant eurocentric epistemology behind and take ‘epistemologies of the south’ into account? How might a concept or concepts of human dignity look like when we include non-eurocentric knowledge into the question, “What makes a human being into a human being”? How might these considerations influence possible foundations of global norms like human rights and how might they help to support them?

Right now, I am working in my Magister thesis on the concept of pluriversality and the epistemologies of the south and how they influence the field of religious/theological and global ethics. After finishing my Magister degree, I plan to focus the research for my PhD on different non-western concepts of human dignity with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa through the perspective of pluriversality. I’m aware of the fact that me being a white European male from a Christian/post-Christian background always influences my perspectives, but I try to keep questions about gender identity, postcolonial critique, and my lack of inside knowledge of most other religions in mind and I’m very open to criticism whenever I fail.

A few words on my educational and professional background: After 4 years of service in the German Navy, I studied business law and business studies at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany, graduating in 2009. As part of this degree I spent one semester as a visiting student at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Before having started my ongoing 6-year Magister degree in theology at the University of Bonn in 2013, I worked mainly as an assistant to an Insolvency Administrator in Mannheim, Germany. Since 2016, I was a research assistant of Prof. Jochen Sautermeister at the Department of Christian Social Ethics and the Department of Moral Theology at the University of Bonn. During my degree program I did placements with the Institute for Theology and Peace (ithf) in Hamburg and with the Director of Interfaith Relations for the Bishop of Birmingham in Birmingham, UK. Since October 2019, I have been living in Birmingham.

The academic fields which initially interested me most during my degree were the ethics of war and peace and military ethics. These lead me to start my own blog ‘Just Peace and War’ and to publish two articles on the blog www.sicherheitspolitik-blog.de. I have now discontinued the blog, but the articles are still available in the blog section. For a more detailed overview of my professional career please see my CV